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I've joined this forum as I have a problem with my 2003 Rio and am looking for help and advice. I will post the details in the Rio forum as well but the problem is that the ECU fuse keeps blowing. I am having to replace up to 5 times per journey as when the car is slowing to a standstill or is at standstill or just set off from lights, junction, roundabout, parking space etc it just blows the fuse and stalls. Once fuse replaced starts and sets off OK (for a while!!). Is this a common fault with the Rio?

I am worried that the ECU needs to be replaced then I can't afford it, it won't be worth it any way and the car will have to be scrapped. I can't afford to repair this or buy new car but have to have car to take son to school and get to work etc as not on bus route.

Help and advice appreciated.

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