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Hi, just thought i'd introduce myself before posting and queries that i have.

Just bought a Kia Pro Ceed 2010 (1.6 Petrol) in white.

Really loving the car so far but have just a few small issues/queries that i'd like some answers on if that's ok. My car is still covered for another 5 years warranty just to make that clear.

The questions i would like to ask is. Is it normal to hear a sort of metal grinding sound when reversing sometimes? I only get it when reversing at very low speed, it's not so much grinding as it is a sort of metal whine sound if that makes sense. I am trying to think of something i can compare it to. I don't have any problems when reversing, but this sound sometimes happens when i reverse at low speed and i haven't had it with any other car.

Secondly, i think there may be a bit of rust about to appear on the lower part of the drivers door. It's not really visible right now, but it definitely looks like it may be soon.

Are both these problems definitely covered for the next 5 years (if indeed the first one is actually a problem) or are there limits for certain things like body work?

The reversing noise is a strange one but i have assumed that it perhaps might be normal as there are no problems with the car when it reverses. Just that noise occasionally. It's like metal is rubbing somewhere and it makes a whine/grind sound.

The bodywork one does worry me though as the car looks stunning in white but any rust around the edges would really ruin the look of the car and also it is only 2 years old, surely there shouldn't be any sign of rust yet? Another thing, it looks like there has been a paint touch up on the drivers door edging but it is a very amateur cover up job. Almost looks like tippex! Can i bring these problems up when i take it for it's next service and will they be repaired without a problem?

Thanks in advance!
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