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I was looking for a cheap, big old car for winter. My current car is 30 years old and currently getting restored, so when I get it back I plan to put it away every winter to both avoid salted roads, and because it's a bit of a pig to drive in winter for various reasons.

I also needed a big car as my wife's car is a John Cooper Works Mini so not very practical with 2 kids.

My budget was £2000 max and to be honest, while I found lots of cars at that point, they tended to be around the 200000 miles mark. Luckily by chance chatting to an old friend who is also a car dealer, he mentioned he had this car. He specialises in luxury cars but had bought this one as a cheap runabout and it had been sitting for a while. He MOT'd it for me and I bought it from him as it had only 70000 miles which is nothing for a 2007 car, and he had changed the clutch and flywheel on it 2 years ago.

So far, very happy with it. For sure, not the most handsome car in the world, but it's a comfy old bus and ticks all my boxes.

And quite rare, apparently only 200 left in the UK.

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