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Dear fellow Caren owners,
I guess it was inevitable really. My old Pug 305 never liked our caravan but I had owned it for 10 years, a family friend is on his 4th Carens, uncle-in-law sold his one year old SPAM to buy a Carens and a Kia main dealer is two miles away. Henceforth, we are now proud owners of a 2008 2litre CRDI, 15k miles, appears in good condition and is quicker with our van than the old Pugwas without the van on the back.

So far so good, a new EGR valve was fitted FOC in August and it runs smoothly again. Dislikes: foot operated parking brake (6 speed manual), poor gearchange in the lower gears, loud bonks from the NSR suspension and why oh why did I buy a car with light grey upholstery when we've got a 3 year old?

This will be the first car in 40 years that I won't be servicing or repairing myself but I will still peruse the entries and perhaps make a few entries myself.

Was it a good buy? Ask me in 2020!

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