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Hi all.

My name is Dale and I live in Ayrshire, Scotland, with my wife Nicola and a variety of pets. I recently bought a 99 Sportage, which is running but needs some restoration. I use it on a daily basis but I'm sure I will find a few questions to ask along the proposed restoration. I've already dealt with some corrosion to the rear door and it's all primed and ready to paint but is on hold at the moment, due to the very cold, then very wet weather.

The wheels will also need refurbing, but I like to tackle these jobs myself and although I'm no professional mechanic, I can get by. The engine will also need a bit of a service, oil change, plugs (if I can find them
) , leads and I may replace the current air filter with induction. I'm going to tint the rear windows when I get around to it. I'm very happy with my new toy but I have an issue with the 4wd, the front hubs don't seem to lock, as I found out in the recent snowy/icy weather we had. I've priced new hubs from a Kia dealer, and they came in at over £500
, so it will be second hand or manual hubs when funds allow.

That's about it for now, I hope to share your's and my experiences in the future.


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