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<DIV id=post_message_71027>You may be aware that I posted a good review about Heko wind deflectors a couple of weeks ago. I did mention my concerns about the ones' on the rear window as they are only only held in with thin strips of tape. The front ones' are fine, no issues at all, as they flex & click into place and are really rigid.
I did use a small ammount of silicone to add an additional resilience but yesterday I was driving through a really strong wind and both rear deflectors have blown off.
Im really annored about this as its a definite manufacturing issue.They aren't fit for purpose.
Im going to EMail Heko and will advise you all of any response.
In the meantime if you are considering them stay away from the rear ones'. You can buy the front ones' as a seperate purchase. (you can in the UK off EBay etc)

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