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Hi Folks

Steve here , from Frimley Surrey with a 2005 V6 Sorento which ive had 2.5years .Bought it for £9700 with 24,000 miles on the clock and immeadiately LPG converted it . Here we are nearly 3 years later and with 56k on the clock It hasnt missed a beat .

The car is USED , and i mean used for towing my Hot air balloons , so we go into fields and drag out the trailer and use the low ratio box frequently ......absolutely the right car for me .
Background on me I work for Mclaren the f1 team so am mechanically minded .

Dealer serviced By local dealer Dover Garage ..who are awesome.

okay Here is the quirky problem .
A couple of times Ive gone to work recently in the extreme cold , and heater was working fine ...e out of a night to drive home ....Nothing , no electrics on the Unit . Checked fuses , relays and dealer had a look too. Took the control unit off ,put it back on again and hey presto it works again fine.

only thing is , it did it again today (2nd Time). Dealer mechanic told me the two fake walnut panels pull off easily, then four screws removed you can pull the control unit out the front and disconnect it. Re did it myself today and hey presto the thing works again .

Question to you guys and ladies is this , anyone else suffered this type of failure ? if so How frequently? I understand the control unit is about £150. May have to look for a used one from a scrap dealer from an accident car.

Anyway Happy motoring and Happy xmas to all
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