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Has anyone had problems with the heater control (the manual control on the GS model) - the rear and passenger side works fine but the drivers side will only blow cold - I have taken the dash apart but the control is electronic and I am not sure where to look next - I expect there is a small motor or something that moves to control the flow of air - does anyone know where I need to look?

The car has suddenly developed lots of small faults just 6 weeks after the end of the warranty - it is really frustrating. I have has eight Hyundais in the last 15 years and never had a single problem (including my 10 year old Elantra with over 200k on the clock that has never has a single fault and still drives like new) so I felt confident in buying a Kia but how wrongI have been. I have never really had confidence in the reliability of thecar and it has had loads of work done under the warranty. It is as though Kia get the parts from Hyundai's reject bin and build a car from them! I now wish I had bought a Hyundai Trajet instead if the Sedona but I went for the Kia as I preferred the look of it.

Anyway - frustration vented - let's hope someone knows where to look!


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