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Not a gripe this one.

I've had my Ceed SW since May. An 08 plate. I had the shudder problem with the brakes.

The dealership "Arnold Clark cumbernauld" took the car in and changed the rear discs and pads under warranty.

A week or so later, I noticed the shudder again. The dealer took it in again and agreed that there was a shudder but they couldn't narrow it down, so they suggested I drive the car for a few more weeks and see if the fault became more noticeable. It did and I took the car in the other day. The techy said that the fronts were now outside spec and they're changing them out next Monday, again under warranty!

I was closing over the luggage area cover the other day and the plastic catch snapped clean off. result, a cover that didn't cover anything. Cumbernauld called Kia and they've just called to say that the new cover is in for me to pick up.....UNDER WARRANTY!

Brilliant! After 32 years of driving, I've found a car make and a dealer that will definately be getting my return business!
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