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Last weekend, while out spending time with my better half, we decided just to drop into the local Kia dealer to see what's available, and maybe start thinking about our next car.
The team there were great - they offered me silly money for my old Kia SPortage (2014 2.0 Diesel) - way more than I'd have gotten from WBAC (I checked!)
I got a fantastic deal on a low mileage 2020 Sportage 1.6T GDI - a smahing car with more toys than my old car.

After giving me what I thought was a very fair price for my trade in, they added and extra £750 on top - which could be taken as extra deposit, or cash-back. I used it as extra deposit.

On top of that, the 'new' car was ready to go! A quick few clicks on the keyboard and it was a done deal. Collected the car the very next day.

It's just the best time for trading in as dealers are giving good deals.

I'm so happy with my new Sportage too, it handles like a dream and is spotless inside and out.
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