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Hi would any of you guys be able to give advice or a diagnosis of the following,
8yr old Rio 1.4 manual
Gear change became a problem , jamming & not going into gear
Closer inspection
All cylinders & fluid level were fine ,
Clutch renewed & on removal found fingers damaged on old clutch ,
All put back together & on test drive ,, same issues , jamming ,
Stripped out again thinking faulty new clutch , also renewed fork & bushes , 2nd clutch fitted , test drive ,, same issues not going into gear unless it鈥檚 forced ,
Mechanic is stuck @ now hints to a gearbox problem ,
Any info would be greatly appreciated as the car belongs to my daughter who is a national health key working nurse ,
Thanks in advance 馃檹馃徎

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Well if you are sure that teh clutch is not dragging then is the gear selector linkage worn or out of adjustment.?

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Is there anything further on this? A friend is experiencing something similar with a Rio clutch after about 70k miles. It's had dealer clutch work done because of this issue and it's still there.
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