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I have recently bought a Sportage from the Kia dealership at Furrows in Shrewsbury and I have a couple of points to make regarding my experience.

First of all, the salesman is very busy. It appears that there is a constant stream of people interested in the cars in the showroom, but on every occasion he has been polite and attentive to my needs as a customer.

The car was late!! The vehicle was due for delivery on 2 March 2012, however, for some reason there was an issue in getting the vehicle from the import depot at Killingholme to Shrewsbury. Despite it being an issue out of their control, with an angry wife thrown into the mix (I was out the country), they bent over backwards to get that car to me. On handover there was a nice bunch of flowers for the missus and a few cans for me!

I now have a very nice car sat in my drive. The Sportage is a lovely car to look at and a lovely car to drive.

If you are in the Shrewsbury area and interested in a Kia, pop into Furrows and see Adrian. He is a genuinely a nice bloke and I wish him every success.

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