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I am having a problem with the fuel pump relay off my 96 Sportage. The relay is a 5 pin with pins 85 to 86 being the main power and pin 30 switching to 87 &87a. Pins 87& 87a are linked together and are only connected to pin 30 when the relay is acitvated. I have tested the relay by applying 12v across pins 85 & 86 and measuring the resistance between pin 30 and 87 and pin 30 and 87a. It seems the relay is working fine as you see a change in the restistance when you connect/disconnet pins 85/86.<BR itxt="1"><BR itxt="1">OK when I plug the relay in the fuel pump doesn't work. I have also tried measuring the voltage at 85 & 86 its shows 12v. At pin 30 it also shows 12v. Pins 87 & 87a show 0v.

I took the cover off the relay I shorted pin 85 (inside the relay) to ground an lo and behold the pump worked.<BR itxt="1"><BR itxt="1">I checked pins 85 and 86 from the back of the connector ( underneath the relay holder) connected one lead to the terminal through the multimeter and the second lead from the multimeter to ground. 12v on both terminals? Surely I should only have 12v on one of the terminals, the other going to ground<BR itxt="1"><BR itxt="1">Incidentaly if I unplug the relay and short pins 30 to 87 the fuel pump runs fine<BR itxt="1"><BR itxt="1">My confusion is that the relay seems to be working when tested yet when plugged into the holder it doesn't seem to work. As far as I can see the does not seem to be any problems with the spade connectors. <BR itxt="1"><BR itxt="1">Can anyone explain what is going on here?<BR itxt="1"><BR itxt="1">I suppose the easiest thing is to fit a new relay. Trouble is my local kia dealers do not have them in stock, want to charge £25 for a new one and cannot tell me how long it will take once ordered. Can anyone suggest an alternative relay that I can use?<BR itxt="1"><BR itxt="1">
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