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Hey everyone
My Picanto has the engine management light on and is showing codes p0300, p0302 and p0303

What I have done so far:
  • compression check (all fine)
  • new spark plugs
  • switched leads 3 and 4 around to see if the code would change (no change, so assuming leads are okay)
  • switched the coil packs over (no change in codes so they are fine)
So today I have done a fuel pressure test. With the ignition on I was getting around 48psi but in the matter of a couple of minutes it would drop down to 40psi. Then I started the car and was getting around 45psi, and no change when keeping a constant rev. Also snapping the throttle didn’t change the psi either.

any thoughts?

also do these cars have a return fuel line and a pressure regulator?

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