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I set out to change the fuel filter on my 2011 1.6 CRDI Ceed but was stumped by the orange coloured clip that retains the fuel pipe quick conector to the input pipe on the fuel filter unit. The output quick connect is easy to remove, just press in the blue section and the connector slides off. I eventually broke the orange clip and then I could see exactly how to remove these things properly :-(

So, here are some notes on how to get this type of connector off:

1. See photo 1 - the clip in question is the orange one, the one with the blue tab is the easy one.
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2. See photo 2 - the Kia clip seems to be identical to this Ford clip I found on the web. As you can see it goes round the fuel pipe so you do not try to pull the clip out (as I did and broke it)
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3. See photo 3 - this is the top of my broken clip. If you look carefully you can see there is a slightly raised section at the bottom - this is the locking part of the clip and you must pull this up to unlock. It does not come out but clicks up by approx 4mm. See photo 2 to see the locking clip in its unlocked position.
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4. Once you have unlocked it, you now press down on the rounded tab and this pushes the lower section of the clip down and out of the way of the retaining flange on the metal fuel pipe. You can then remove the quick connect.

5. Re-attaching the quick connect is easy - just push it on and the retaining clip clicks into place. Then push the locking tab back into the clip.

Hope this helps.


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Good information for members, thank you for sharing. (y)
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