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Hi new member here. I recently bought a venga 2011 1.6 auto. The issue is the fuel gauge is stuck at full all the time .

Has anyone experience similar issue? Any idea how much it may cost to fix it??

Thought taking it to halfords garage but wanted to ask the fellow owners here.

Will removing one of the battery lead and refixing solve the issue?

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Hi Caanbigman, welcome to the forum
I guess you can try disconnecting the battery for a few minutes and see if helps.
I've had a look at my workshop manual and from what I can figure out (it isn't terribly clear) the fuel gauge is driven directly by the fuel sender on instrument panel connector pins A7 (ground) and C14 (signal)
As the gauge is "working" (albeit) reading wrongly, it suggests the associated gauge fuse is OK.
So based on it apparently being a direct feed (ie: not wondering off to a ECU of any sort), it might mean the fuel sender is sticking.
The sender is part of the fuel pump / sender / filter assembly and despite all the modern electronic gubbins cars have , no one has come up with a better method to read fuel level than a float (ie: like a toilet ballcock) changing a resistance. So possibly the float is sticking for some reason?
If you are DIY inclined, there is an access panel under the rear seats and after removing that, you should be able to take the fuel tank wiring plug off and see if the gauge then drops to zero. If it does it means the sender unit is not happy. If it remains at full it suggests a short circuit somewhere between the fuel sender unit and the instrument cluster assembly.
If you find it is the sender unit, you really need to be asking a garage to take a look as fuel tank = petrol vapours = big bang if you get it it wrong. You also need to release pressure before messing with the fuel system and this apparently needs a special tool as does removal of the fuel pump assembly locking ring.
I'm guessing if you take it to Kia they will be able to check what the fuel sender is saying on the "computer" but I also suspect they will charge you upwards of £75 + vat for the privilege so as you are out of warranty you might be better using an independent garage who will likely charge less.
Personally I wouldn't use Halfords as my local one are a bit incompetent but yours may of course be fine.
Just as general information you will find that the 1.6 Auto circa 2011 uses a 4 speed auto and is woefully thirsty around town. 25mpg and below is entirely normal and they all do it. However, 40mpg or more is possible on a run with light right foot. I mention it because its a regular ask on the forum and many people are disappointed they don't get 30mpg or more around town. The petrol Venga uses a Gamma series engine designed back in 2007 and has multipoint fuel injection. While it is generally reliable, I don't think Kia considered efficiency when they mated it with the 4 speed auto box.
Incidentally, if you bought the car from a garage and it is less than 6 months ago, under consumer rights they "should" be obliged to fix it as a fault is deemed as "present or developing" within 6 months of purchase. Of course getting them to honour the consumer rights is a whole other issue and notoriously garages do everything they can to not fix faults like this which they would deem as insignificant as it doesn't affect safety or ability to use the car.
Do let us know what the fix turns out to be (if you have it fixed)
Pete (2012Vengaman)
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