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Dear all,
I am new on here so bare with me if this question has been asked before.

I took my wifes 2006 1.1 Kia Picanto for an MOT yesterday and all was fine and it passed but with 2 advisory's. The 1st being just front brake pads requiring changing soon as, and the other was for the off-side front strut loose when off load. Basically, when the car is jacked up, then the off side strut has some play at the top mounting.

Being a petrol head anyway, I wondered if these Picanto's had standard macpherson struts with the usual top bearing.There is only a small amount of play but of course, noticable on bumpy road surfaces or going over speed bumps. My guess is the top bearing but just wanted some advice to see if anyone else had similar issues. Just to confirm, there is NO play when the car is back on all fours.

Kind Regards
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