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I noticed that the RHS front wheel was hot last time I drove a 1 hour trip. It turned out that the caliper was not releasing fully. It's possible that a long steep hill descent 30 minutes previous contributed to this, I kept the car in 4th gear (manual trans ) and used the brakes all the way down. This would be the same as an automatic version of the same Ceed. The issue has not been noticed previously.

After dismantling the pads and folding up the caliper I found the lower glide pin pretty much stuck, the O.D. of the old pin was 9.70mm vs new pin 9.85mm. With this worn pin in place, the caliper cocked somewhat crooked when the pedel was depressed, it then did not release/return to normal. I could however just wriggle the caliper a shade with my hands and the compression was released every time my assistant tested this.

This lower pin was replaced with a new genuine Kia part. The upper pin was as new so that was reused.
The piston was then pumped half way out and then pushed back in 6 times. The effort required to push the piston back was minimal. No corrosion was beneath the piston boot, it looked dry but not corroded.

After a test drive now the RHS disk still gets hot, so Im wondering if others have experienced this, many Kias have the same caliper assembly. It can be:
  • brake caliper piston not free enough despite being normally easy to push back in
  • brake hose internal collapse, fuctions like a check valve with restricted fluid return. Apears ok externally.
  • pads now worn down cocked/crooked, due to the 1 worn pin. The caliper is being twisted during brake application and not fully releasing.
  • brake pads & slider clips too tight fit. These are a tight fit, non original pads are fitted. Brand name not visible.
Im tempted to replace the disks and pads next to see if that keeps the caliper assembly more paralell with the slider pins, assuming that the cause is the pads having become worn with a "toe in". I've not measured the pad thickness, top vs bottom.
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