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Afternoon All,

The new F1 season is nearly upon us and a few of the lads and I at work have found a good free Fantasy F1 site.

Thought it might be a giggle to have our own KOC league (That sounds wrong
) so I have created one. Please feel free to join using the link below:

People can join your league in one of two ways:

  1. You can send them the following link, if they are already a Reality F1
    player they can follow the link (Reality F1 will prompt them to log in if they
    are not logged in) and they will join the league:
  2. The other way to join is for a player to log in to Reality F1, they can
    then access the 'My leagues' page, select 'Join a league' and then enter the
    following invitation code into the box on-screen:

    Enter this code: Hgj86v3hTJ4PGc

Anyone wishing to join a league will need to have created a Reality F1 team
before they try and join the league. There is no longer a restriction on when
a player can join a league and they can join at any time during the season
even if they have missed some races. Latecomers won't get points for the races
they missed so will lower your average... so it's a good idea to persuade them
to join before the first race of the season.

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