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Kia is kicking off 2010 by extending its unique seven-year warranty to all its
cars ""“ delivering Europe's best manufacturer-backed protection for new car
Previously available on Kia's European-built products such as cee'd and
Sportage, the seven-year warranty will now apply to every vehicle in the Kia
range from the Picanto city car to the range-topping Sorento.

The new ""7-Year Kia Warranty""� will apply to all vehicles sold and registered in
more than 20 European countries after 1 January 2010.
Michael Cole, Managing Director of Kia Motors (UK) Ltd., explained: ""The
warranty covers every vehicle in our line-up for up to seven years ""“ and noone
in the business can boast that. Even better, the warranty is transferable to
subsequent owners bringing a big boost for used values.""�
""The new 7-Year Kia Warranty is simply the ""˜longest and best' warranty
available on any car, anywhere in Europe. Clearly, a longer warranty is a
better warranty and this move will give every Kia owner not just enjoyable
motoring but genuine long-term peace of mind.""�

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Not sure I should be posting this but sod it.

3. Can I update my current 3 or 5 year Kia warranty to 7 years?

Kia Extended Warranties can be purchased for vehicles that have a 3 year
manufacturers warranty. Cover can be purchased for an additional 12 or 24 months
from just £199. To purchase cover or for a quote, please call 0845 573 8047.
Unfortunately there are no options available to extend a vehicle with 5 years
manufacturers cover."
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