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Good day to you all. I was wondering if anyone out there might know if parts for the US spec Spectra 5 would fit on the UK Cerato. I am specifically looking at things like headlamp unitsand tail-lights. They look pretty much the same but don't know if they are slightly different sizes or have indiscernable differences in shape.
Hopefully someone might know.

Actually, it might help if you understood that I am looking to install a HID headlamp kit and/or upgrade the whole unit. I generally travel around 100-150 miles a day and a lot of it as night/early morningand just feel the standard system can do with a bit of beefing up. I am hoping to get it done over the summer when I have more daylight. As an alternative, you may know a UK supplier that can get aftermaket Kia parts in order for me to upgrade the headlights.

Many thanks.
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