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I had been looking to update the dashcam I was using in my Niro PHEV ready for the eNiro. After a bit of research I went for the Thinkware, and installed in the eNiro. Also got one for the wife’s Audi.

It has an optional OBD Harness which makes install very easy and senses battery voltage and switches off parking mode if the battery gets to a pre determined low state.. It also does safety camera warning and fwd collision warning and lane departure which the eNiro 4+ already does.

Font Parallel Technology Rectangle Diagram
Font Rectangle Technology Electric blue Screenshot

Here are some images of install...

One thing to note I decided to put the rear cable through the rubber grommets in the tailgate, the rubber boot seal has some sticky black adhesive on so be careful not to get it on the roof liner or trim when pulling down.

Front camera position's

Automotive tire Automotive lighting Hood Bumper Vehicle

Hood Automotive lighting Car Automotive design Motor vehicle

Rear Camera Position

Automotive tire Automotive lighting Hood Bumper Automotive design

Automotive mirror Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Vehicle Car

Harness Install, unclip the existing OBD port and connect it to the adapter cable then refit the new plug back into the port, the excess cables fit into a small cavity above the bonnet release lever..

Automotive design Automotive lighting Automotive tire Grey Hood
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Light Blue Automotive design

Tailgate camera fitting, the centre plastic trim just pulls off, threaded the rear camera cable along the headlining and door pillars into the rubber boots in the tailgate then into the camera.

Automotive lighting Automotive tire Motor vehicle Grille Automotive design
Vehicle White Hood Light Black
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