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I own a 2005 sedona 2.9 crdi engine check light comes on does not
affect performance took it to perry`s kia in rotherham it came up inlet metering valve

any advice would be welcome thanks lads

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This happened to mine but has been ok for 12 months now;

–  Symptom/Condition
Some CARNIVAL (VQ) J-2.9L VGT diesel vehicles may experience a malfunction indicator lamp illuminated
with P0088 stored in the ECM memories.
- P0088: Fuel rail pressure - Too high
–  Countermeasure/Remedy
Check first if the Inlet Metering Valve (IMV) has failed by following the IMV diagnostic test and data analytic
method below.
- If the test results show what is considered out of the ordinary, replace the IMV (A) with new one and
upgrade the ECM software.
- If the test results show what is considered ordinary, replace the high pressure fuel pumpwith new one.
[NOTE] For detailed procedures for theIMV and high pressure fuel pump replacement, refer to the
CARNIVAL (VQ) workshop manual.

2. Applicable Vehicles

– Model: CARNIVAL (VQ) vehicles with J-2.9L VGT diesel engines
–  Applicable vehicle production date: From March 2006 to December 2007


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