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Hello There
This is my first post so be gentle,the wifes got a 2002 2.9 which we have had all the usual problems,rear heater pipes ,leaking injectors ,immobiliser aerial and streched handbrake cable.

So we packed up the car this morning to travel from liverpool to nottingham to see the inlaws ,we were coming onto the a50 by stokes groung when the engine lost all power and we were stranded in the middle lane ,not what you want with 4 young kids in the car.

Luckily some people stopped and helped me get over to the side of the road(thanks if it was you that stopped) ,popped the bonnet ,couldnt see any thing obvious so i undone the 2 top cambelt cover bolts and peeked hoping it was still there ,and it was so i thought lets try starting it again but when i turned on the ignition i noticed that the immo and coil light werent on,checked the fuses in the drivers footwell and the engine 10amp fuse had blown,so i replaced it and it started.

Pulled off and as soon i put my foot down it lost all power again,pulled over and the the 10amp engine fuse had blown again,so 7 fuses later i managed to get it on the verge.

Ive been recovered back home so i now have the weekend to have a look at it,does anyone have any ideas why the 10amp engine fuse would blow,it now blows when you turn the ignition on,could it be injector coil,pump???????????

Im not an expert but im in the electronics industry so im not bad with a multi meter ,can anyone point me in the right direction as to were to start fault finding.

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