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Hi, I've searched the forum and I can't find anyone else with the same problem (which is good I guess!)

Basically, the drivers side electric door won't close "electrically" unless you either a) from the outside; keep the handle pulled out for a few seconds whilst closing or b) from the inside; keep the door handle mechanism pulled whilst closing.

Another way of putting it: If you simply pull either handle and let go immediately (like you should be able to do) the door gets stuck immediately and you can hear the door motor whining before it cuts out. Likewise, if you use the key fob to open or close the door, same thing happens - it sticks, the door motor whines and cuts out.

I've noticed on the door which works properly that if you pull the handle and let go immediately (either inside or outside) then you can hear some kind of mechanism operated inside the door lock mechanism itself but I dont hear the same thing happen inside the "dodgy" lock. My conclusion is that something is broken inside the door lock mechanism itself since the motor works fine if you keep the handle released. The door also works fine without power (e.g. you can pull the door open without a problem)

Any ideas?

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