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Hi. I have an e niro which i think is an outstanding car. I am keen to understand the optimum use of the various regen settings. I tend to use AUTO level 0 or 1. My theory is that it is presumably more efficient to freewheel whenever possible and the regen is omly best when you would otherwise HAVE to use the brakes. Eg. Car in front slows down or approaching a junction or a sharp bend. The auto function sorts the appropriate level of regen when there is a car in front and i use the paddles to apply extra regen when approaching a t junction or sharp bend when auto doesn't deal with it. The latter is no different from dropping a gear or 2 in a manual ice car so pretty intuitive. Is there any tech guidance available to help drivers optimise their regen in an e niro? I attach data from my car. Many thanks Rich
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I've moved this to the Niro section as fellow EV drivers will be best placed to advise.

But one thing I would add from my HEV. Is actual braking puts as much charge back in the battery as just using paddles to increase regen As it defaults to regen 1st.
Also it is better to let the brakes do some work to keep them in good condition.
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