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I had my first experience driving on sheet ice with the 2008 CRDi XE today (which I bought last April). When I say sheet ice, I mean ice that I could not walk on even with a spiked nordic stick.

We took the dogs for a familiar woodland walk which has a half mile access track (compacted grit) up a straight but fairly steep hill. In good conditions this is a 2nd gear climb. I had expected it to be icy today and it certainly was. Several cars had managed to park in the lower car park but one hadn't even managed to get off the main road. We drove up with the 4WD in 'auto' and had no problems at all. We parked in the mid-level car park and then spent 5 minutes trying to cross the track we had just driven up on foot - we simply could get no grip at all. We got back in the car and drove right to the top of the track (still on compacted sheetice) using the 4WD lock where we could reach a walking track that had not been driven over. While 3 point turning at the top we were briefly across the slope and the car went sideways downhill as soon as I stopped - but regained grip as soon as I moved forward again.

Following the walk the descent was totally controlled with 4WD lock, first gear and all feet off the pedals.

My tyres are M & S types - okay but nothing special. This was a very impressive performance by the Sportage and easily on a par with all other 4WDs I've owned (4 x Land Rovers, 2 x Sportrak. 1 x Terios).

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