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Discoloration glasses have been by numerous wearer' favorite, especially the driver and the driver-motor. On the streets Cheap Oakley sunglasses for sale, lifting up his eyes looked cycling wear discoloration lenses can be found everywhere. But, according to concerning an expert to driver for clinical test and verify, wearing glasses or careful is good color.<?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />

Clinical medicine found that long-term wearing Cheapest Oakley Juliet sunglasses, because pupil discoloration long at expanding condition, cause into eyeball ultraviolet radiation damage to the eyes, exponentially extremely serious. The clinical and found that overload ultraviolet radiation can make popular light regulation happen slow, long the bottom go to, also can cause vision loss over time, eventually trigger cataract, the damage to eyesight is very big.

Want to know, in outdoor discoloration lenses as long as two minutes later, lens color and glossy will turn into the deepest degree, and then into the tunnel, translucency rate drop 20% above, because a color withdrew to the previous level not poor, visibility was unclear, inspect content, coupled with strong illuminate, lights ahead caused adjust nervous, increase eyestrain, results shouldn't accident finally happened. Anyhow, wearing Oakley Flak Jacket polarized Sunglasses, to further understand the performance of the color glasses, when you can wear, when not can wear, lest cause eyes adjust nervous, cause unnecessary trouble.
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