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We are new to the KIA's and have just bought a Kia Sorento XSE CRDI 2.5 05.

We drove this car home 165 miles & it was fine no noises or bangs. When we got this car home & my hubby checked it over on a friends ramp they noticed straight away the prop-shaft was missing which meant this was running as 2 wheel drive only so he rung the seller asap to find out what why this was missing.

He later explained that the previous owener had took it into a dealer's to have the prop-shaft reconditioned & in the mean time traded it in for something else and then the dealer's never got round to fitting the re-con one when it came back. Anyway the seller shipped the prop-shaft up to us and it all looked nice & new so it was fitted.

As soon as we drove the car as 4 wheel drive we got a whirring noise that sounds like it is coming for the driver's side & it sounds just like a bearring & it seems to be on the over-drive when we have not got our foot on the accelerator.

The following morning we was taking the kids to school we have to go up a steep hill and when we did we got some loud clunking noise that juddered the car. We booked this into our local Kia dealer who said they had swapped the wheels round which had stopped the clunking and the whirring was down to a non genuine air filter plus this model was known for this noise when running, there was also a calliper stuck on the front which will have contributed but they had freed this off.

When we drove the car home the clunking had gone and we was surprised by just swapping the wheels around this would cure it ??????????? but we still had the whirring on the front which does not sound nice at all. My hubby had read you can take a fuse out to stop the 4 wheel drive working and just run it as 2 wheel and when he did this we had no noise what so ever it drove lovely but as soon as the fuse went back in the whirring was back??????

We would really appreciate some advice on this cos the seller is willing to give us a refund on the car if it is going to cost hundreds to repair but if not that expensive he would foot the bill.

Thanks in advance fingers crossed

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