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DPF Light came on last week.
No surprise really, it has been used as a shopping trolley since November.
Normally I would be doing 20 miles to and from work.
Anyhow, last Saturday early morning, took it up & down the bypass (approx 16 miles) in manual mode (it’s an 8 speed auto) at 3000RPM/70MPH.
To my disappointment the light didn’t go off. Went home parked up on the drive.
When I got out I could smell the distinctive smell of a regen, Mmmm started it up again and the light had gone off and hasn’t come on again since.... result.
No doubt if I don’t start going to work it will come on again.
But for anyone else with the same problem - gentle acceleration up to high rpm and maintained as for as long as possible in a steady state (the bypass I was using is only about 6 miles long) gives the regen a chance to do its job.
Hope this helps.
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