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Carens 2 2011 5 door manual.
This is a UK right hand drive, the only key is on the drivers door.
I found the door not locking and the interior lock toggle stiff.
On removing the inner door card and removing the plastic internal handle assembly.
I found that the hinge pin for the lock release lever and the lock toggle was rusty.
The electric door lock could not complete its operational cycle because of the resistance at the locking toggle.
The pin was chromed and where the pin passed through the black plastic internal door lever control base moulding there was corrosion more at the top than the bottom.
There was no obvious water ingress to cause corrosion.
There were white dots of corrosion around the manual door control on the galvanised inner door card.
I checked the other doors and found the rear drivers side door was also sticking.
his also had a corroded pin.

The passenger side front door had a little corrosion on top of the pin, the rear door was ok.

I soaked the rusty pins in vinegar, this took off all the rust and chrome.
Greased the pins and reassembled the manual contro, everything works fine.

The early stages of the problem sometimes the lock would work sometimes not, or the compression on locking the lock would reopen the electric mechanism after a while.
The stiff toggle (when manually locked) also stopped the key from opening the drivers door, ( which caused another story when the battery went flat).
The corrosion appears to be caused by the reaction of the black plastic lever carrier moulding and the hinge pin. The chrome/galvanised return spring on the internal latch was also corroded where it rested on the black plasti lever carrier moulding.
There was no reaction apparent between the lever or the lock toggle and the pin.

Hope this saves you an expensive lock replacement.


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