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I recently acquired the Sorento 3 2.2CRDI. Because I have a dog, I also ordered the specific Kia dog guard for it too. However, I am having an issue.

The dog guard, like on my previous Sportage, is easily fitted with the boot liner. However, the width of the top section of the guard seems too narrow at the top than is required as within 30 seconds of my dog, Springer Spaniel, being in it for the very first time, he's tried to squeeze round it. Although he could probably manage it, it was made easier by the top of seat release button being activated by his paw. He was incredibly happy with himself for making his way into the main cabin, but this would not make it conducive for driving.

I have checked the fitting and its secure and the correct way around.

For me this seems to be a design flaw for the following reasons.
  1. A medium sized and smaller could wriggle passed the guard as it is too narrow and does not reach close enough to the edges for the cabin
  2. The guard does not prevent the seat folding button from activating which is an accident risk for the dog and passenger if seated.
  3. Even if the lower guard was bought and fitted the first two issues apply.
I have got a workaround by stuffing two towels in the holes either side which stops 1 and 2 but is not really a long-term solution and makes an otherwise wonderful interior look scruffy as the dog guard will nearly always be fitted.

Can anyone advise me as all other aftermarket dog guards do not seem sturdy enough or shaped enough to be able to fix the problem?
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