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That looks a well cared for car, and no rust to be seen on the rear doors by the rubber strip!

On my 2010 Ceed there was a KIA 'product improvement' notice about two years ago; it may be that the later years were not affected but apparently it related to underbody rust. On collection the next day the dealer said that my car was not affected, but they sprayed the underside with some sort of bitumen type coating anyway- so worth checking though it would normally come up as an MoT advisory... I know as I have helped a friend look for a car.

Also check that the aircon cools as the condenser can perish at the bottom; it's not that expensive to replace but it all adds up.

My Ceed estate which has similar mileage was only valued at 2,250 for p/ex, but I suppose the dealer has got to make a profit ;-). In the end I decided not to swap for the time being since there is so little choice available on the new model Ceed, and even with its age my 2010 Ceed is still lovely to drive and the seats very comfortable on long journeys.
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