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I went to my local Kia main dealer last week. There was no-one in the showroom, so after poking around for some time, looking at the Carens, I had to go and find somebody, who then went to find somebody else who eventually turned up, but didn't know much about the car.

I took a demonstrator Sportage for a test drive this afternoon. The aircon wasn't working and neither was the radio. salesman thought it was a blown fuse. he'd known all day that I was coming for a test drive - plenty of time to sort out a blown fuse.

When we got back to the showroom to talk prices, I said that I wanted metallic paint, reversing sensors and tow bar with single electrics on a 2WD XS on the government scrappage scheme.

I expected him to enter the options into a computer and print out a detailed quotation, listing the base price, itemised extras (costed) scrappage allowance and final OTR price. Instead, he consulted some leaflets, tapped some figures into a calculator, then scribbled down a price on a scrap of paper. I had to ask him to itemise the extras he's included and when I got home, the figure was £800 more than I calculated.

I wasn't impressed and will probably try another dealer to see if they give amore professional service.
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