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2019 Sportage 4
1.6 petrol.
With the below mileage/run on the digital fuel gauge, I can normally watch it taking a nose dive as I drive on the E10.
I haven't watched the dial/needle gauge....which I should I know.
So this is what it was.
Put fuel in and it was showing 216.
Drove home 2.9 miles still showing 216.
Drove back 2.9 miles. (my GP's is there. 216.
Drove back home 2.9 miles. still showing 216.
School run 5.8 miles. still showing 216.
school run I got to 4.4 on the way home and sat in slow moving traffic as we do everyday it went down to 215.....but instantly jumped to 214. Im talking in about 2 seconds while at a stand still.
One of my daughters was also watching it.

So basically this .
Fuel in.
2.9 216
2.9 216
2.9 216
5.8 216
4.4. 215-214
As I say, on the school run I can normally see it dive.
I realise it comes down to driving conditions etc but to add it all up and then for it to change to 215 and the instantly 214 within a second ..thoughts?
Milage worked out via AA route map.
I have been saying to my wife that Imm sure something isn't right as I seem to be using a lot of fuel then I normally do going off the digital gauge, so have been putting fuel in once a week. As the car is only used for the school run.

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In that case take no notice. It's based on historic use. Not real time usage. Unlike some other cars.

I used to have Peugeot 207CC that I could drive 50 miles to Sheffield & have a rage of 50 miles more than when I set off. But the trip home saw it plummet well over 100 miles less range.

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Cheers for that.
I have booked it in just to get it checked over, but my rear spoiler is starting to come unstuck anyway so Im hoping I won't get a charge if no fault comes up.
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