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Hi everyone I'm new to the forum and looking for some help.
My front offside daytime running light has stopped working I'm pretty sure it's because of a knock I had a couple of years back now, apparently the mechanic said it had snapped a holding bracket so it never sat flush in the holder and therefore let water in.
I have a 2015 cee'd sportswagon GT line. The daytime running light design is the four individuals lights in a cluster ,almost like the number 4 on a dice face with the turning light right below them (I hope this makes sense)
Basically two questions:
1. Has anyone got a part number for one?
2. Are they interchangeable between all models and either side, or are they specific to my car on the specific off/on side?
Thanks for reading, hope someone can help

EDIT: After a bit of research I'm led to believe that this kind of style is referred to as the "ice cube LEDs"
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