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I have a question regarding my 2005 Kia Carens. I've just had the timing belt changed, as well as the crankshaft position sensor. I was charged a separate and significant labor fee to change the sensor, on top of labor to change the timing belt.

I may well be wrong, but it was my understanding that the crankshaft position sensor is located very near the timing belt, and fairly difficult to reach with the timing belt and associated pulleys in place, even though only two bolts actually hold the sensor to the engine. If I am correct in this assumption, then as the timing belt was replaced simultaneously, giving easy access to the sensor, it would be hard to justify a separate fee for labor to replace the sensor. In a sense, this amounts to charging labor twice.

Again, my assumptions may be wrong, and the additional labor fees may well be justified to replace the sensor. On the other hand, I don't want to pay labor fees twice without cause.

Can you advise?

Many thanks!
Robert O.
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