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Just went to Costco Watford and noticed a dozen small BP Pulse chargers, but no signage and no info on the charger units whatsoever. The small displays just said “tap RFID card above”.

There was a Costco employee walking round with a RFID card. He said they were free to use, didn’t ask to see my Costco card or anything, and activated my unit. Had to use my own cable, and after plugging in I realised they were only 7kw units. (A more experienced DC charger user than me would have clocked that earlier, I’m sure.)

Came back about 45 mins later and the only info on the charger display was that it had dispensed 6.1kw. I unplugged my cable from the car, but the charger wouldn’t release the other end. The Costco guy had disappeared, so I called the number on the charger, went through a few menus and a BP pulse employee remotely unlocked it for me.

Wasn’t really worth the hassle for £1.50 worth of electricity (vs. charging at home), but I can see them being useful for emergencies, or people spending a couple of hours in Costco shopping, eating etc.

Would have been nice to see a few fast DC chargers there too, even if they were chargeable. But respect to Costco for installing them, and making them free.
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