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i am a member on a few forums
forums by nature always attract the bad elements of ownership because its normally the first that appears in a search engine etc and as such then makes it look like certain bad points are on every car

now i am NOT saying peeps don't have problems but they always seem multiplied when on forums etc

so lets hear about the GOOD things with your Kia

c'mon let everyone know why you love it

i will start

any manufacturer that dare put a 7 year warranty on their cars is ok by me

the Picanto i bought the wife was small but cost nothing to run in fact tobe honest my Nitro Truggy cost more

i got a bit of cash so decided to upgrade her to a Soul2

bags of room, excellent sound system, pretty nippy, simple layout thats easy to use as you drive
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I think its the nature of forums where people only ask questions if there are problems.
Hence people can get a slanted view of a car.

Regarding good points of the Rio :-

Cheap - try getting a brand new diesel Fiesta for the same price
Excellent diesel engine - really pulls up hills
Fuel economy just keeps getting better (not as good as the quoted figures but still very good)
Mp3 / ipod connection - I use mine to charge my mobile while listening to Mp3's
Very good support from the dealer when rust was noted on the rear boot (fixed immediately)
Variable intermittent wind screen wipers
Inconspicuous looking - blends in very well, who wants to nick it ?
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