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Just bought my "new" car & collecting it next week.

'06 Kia Picanto Zapp 998cc

Trading in my 1.6 Scenic in part-ex.

The change involves the swicthes:

Tax: Zapp: £95 a year Scenic: £190 a year
MPG: Zapp: 55approx Scenic: 29½ if careful
Me & Hubby Insurance: Zapp: £335 a year Scenic: £555 a year

And there's a chance that they'll insure my 18yr old son on the Zapp, whereas the ONLY company that offered a quote for him on the Scenic was for over £8k a year, and I'm currently being quoted £1½k for him on the Zapp.

I'm hoping that it's going to be a great decision, not just financially!
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