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I bought my 2014 Sorento KX-2 from a Kia main dealer 18 months ago to replace a Honda CR-V which had trouble reversing my caravan uphill.
On the test drive I stalled it several times as the clutch pedal was biting significantly lower than the Honda, but was assured this was normal on these cars and the clutch was absolutely fine. The car was in immaculate condition and had 18 months Kia warranty left so deal was done and I bought it.
The car only had 29000 miles on it, one owner and a genuine Kia detachable towbar so had been used as a tow car.
I quickly got used to the clutch and looked forward to towing across France in 2020 - then Covid hit!
We have only used it to tow in the UK and it has been fine, but at the first service last April I asked my local dealer to check the clutch. Will need replacing they said! Advised me to have it checked again in 6-9 months. Part of the service was to replace the hydraulic fluid and this improved the clutch release point and it has been ok since, but occasionally feels lower.
Just had this year’s service done, asked them to check the clutch again - said it definitely needs a new one ( in red now 🙄) - but can’t get one until the first week in July!
The clutch does not slip, all gears engage quietly and if I sit with it in gear with the clutch depressed for 5 minutes it doesn’t start to creep and the release point is unchanged. Now on 40,000 miles.
Was the original dealer lying, or is my local one lifting my leg?
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