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I read with interest the number of clutch judder posts... have anyone been able to establish from a dealer what is the cause??
We have a Stonic 1st Edition Dec 2018 Reg 1.6 CRDI that has IMHO horrendous judder when the engine/transmission is cold.
1. Is this something other owners have experienced
2 What has KiA 's approach been to clutch replacement on vehicles 2.2 year old
3. What is the success rate of warranty claims for this

Thank you

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Yes. I had the problem. never raised it as a issue as I worked out it seemed to be my driving style. To light on the gas when lifting the clutch up makes it want to go into a stall, hence judder.
Give it more gas & it's fine. Well that worked for me.

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Brother in law has the 1.2 Picanto new November ish 2020, horrendous clutch, dealer agrees, still waiting for work to be done KIA claim they have a fix now which they didn't before. We took our Stonic in for service (no clutch issues 1.0GDI) the courtesy car was a 1.2 Rio, the clutch was awful, the dealer admitted it suffered with clutch judder when we returned it. Hope fully will update on the BIL's Picanto if the "fix" is completed.
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