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I am thinking of buying a ChipTuning power module for my 2005 Sorento. I am a little confused about the rated power and torque figures for my model. On the ChipTuning website they statethree differentsets of figures for power and torque for the 2.5 CRDI engine. They are as follows: 103kw (140 hp) 314Nm Torque.

103kw (140 hp) 343Nm Torque.

125kw (170 hp) 392Nm Torque.

I bought my Sorento new in May 2005. As far as I am aware this is the first model of Sorento and had been running since 2002.

Are the engine componentsthe same throughout the range with different ECU'S?

I know the MK2 Sorento comes with 170 hp as standard so is it just a question of fuel map tweaks or are there different engine components?

On the ChipTuning website they claim to be able to increase power to 222 hp 484Nm Torque from the standard 170 hp engine. Can I use that same Chip on my model or do I have to use the one that is rated to my engines power figures?
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