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My car has recently been at the dealers with a HEV fault. It's a model '2' petrol hybrid (non-PHEV) 68 plate.

After a fortnight away the car came back last night, and apart from the normal re-adjustment of seat and mirrors I sensed something was 'different'.

I could swear blind the backlights for the buttons on the steering wheel were white before, and have now turned red. Am I going mad? Are they white? If so why are they now red? They haven't replaced the steering wheel AFAIK. And I can't see any menu option to change colour, only brightness.

The techs did say they had to put the car into a 'flight mode' to record a lot of data for the KIA HQ techs. Is that anything to do with it? I'd ask the dealer but they are not that interested (sent it back a few times without fixing the fault until I really pushed them).

I mean I don't mind the colour, just puzzled if it's my marbles or not.
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