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My previous Corolla was a workhorse, carting all manner of things around in it. One of the main things was collecting large amounts of wood for.... drum role.... our coalfire. Saves a fortune on coal when donated for free!

So I took my life into my hands today and, after pointing out my life would be "in her hands" (the Mrs.)if I as much as scuffed or marked our showroom condition SR7, I went and collected a stack of wood.

5 thick blankets and strategically placed cardboard sheets lined the boot and folded down seats, whichwas my insurance policy against death threats.

I was extremely impressed with the ease it dealt with lugging heavy loads! I sailed up a hill in 4th with which my aged Corrola used to struggle in 3rd (not heavy-laden), and the handling felt no different to carrying nothing (other than the death-threatening Mrs.).

Sooooo, the question is how do those, who have carried loads about, find the driving / performance? My still living proves the blankets and cardboard worked a treat!
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