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i have for sale a brand new still in box cd with sat is aSiemensvdo part number MS4300GBTA.
LOOKING FOR £250 posted first class recorded .

pm ifinterested

would put up a pic but dont know how to but can email if interested .
thanks jay .

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Courtesy of Dan

I've noticed a few questions on how to add photos to your posts so here is a quick guide:

1 Join photobucket

2 Upload your photos to photobucket following the instructions on
the site. It doesn't mind about the original resolution of your
pictures and when it asks you which size, medium or large will do for
this forum.
3 When your pics are successfully appearing in
photobucket, you'll see a few boxes underneath - one of them will start
with square brackets followed by an "IMG".
4 Left mouse click in the box that says IMG, and you'll get a notification saying "copied" under your mouse pointer.
5 Now go to the post you want to reply to, and click on "post reply" in the normal way.
Type a comment for your photo, press the "space bar", and then right
mouse click, "paste" to paste the line containing IMG into the post
7 Make sure you have a square bracket at the start and end of the line containing "IMG" otherwise it won't work.
8 Click the "preview post" button and hey presto, your pics on here for us all to enjoy....

Note: for the moment you can't directly upload to the forum, however its on my to-do list
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