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Just bought a KIA sportage 2016 1.6 petrol.. just want to know if this car is high risk of cat theft? thank you
Like Vestas said, the gangs apparently target hybrids or PHEVS as supposedly by using their ICE less the precious metals in their catalytic converters are better preserved. I'm no metallurgist but I'm not sure how true this is (if the metals do degrade, then presumably we are to regard our cats as another consumable?).

Toyota and Lexus have been heavily targeted, with SUVs especially so, as with most you wouldn't even need a jack to get underneath it. Toyota with the latest generation Corolla have either deliberately - or by happy design coincidence - moved the cat further 'upstream' on the exhaust so that now it is buried between the engine block and the bulkhead, making it extremely difficult to cut out.

If you feel the need, it might be worth wriggling under your Sportage and see if your cat is obvious. A trawl of Google images might reveal the answer, or if you are lucky a Savagegeese video (one of the few reviewers who put their cars on the ramps).

I think in theory any car with an underbody cat is at risk, but the usual thing about being careful where to park, and how you park are about all you can realistically do. Sadly, if they want it that bad, they'll take it.
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