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I need major honest advise? My turbo is totally gone and the kia dealer
wants £1,900 for a honest mistake, I took it to a garage who given me a quote of £1200 supply and fitted. His
turbo supplier has said that Kia needs a new turbo as recon turbo
won't be any of use is this true or false.<br ="yui-cursor">
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<div id="yui_3_2_0_15_132926009918559">It's took me six months to get £500.00 as I had got quotes on recon for
few hundred and labour for few hundred which will keep me under the
£500.00 bracket.

If there is a web site I can get a recon from that any one can recommend I would be grateful here guys, and any other advice you can give.

Before you ask it's 2008 model, warranty is no longer valid and this is
due to my owen fault and key won't entertain at all....long storey.

The garage who has got it, has still not taken the turbo out for the model no or
part number, he said supplier gets it all from regi number.

I found this on a web site by putting in my regi number.

Vehicle Make:
Vehicle Model:
Carens - 138hp
Vehicle Year:
2005 -
Engine Size:

2.0L D
Turbocharger Frame:
Turbocharger Part Number:


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Canny really help you mate but it is a Garrett turbo part number. Euro car parts listed a new one at £1200 and a G-force recon for about £600 but none in stock.
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