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just changed mine on carens 2009 cdrt Non an easy job in fact very fiddly

1. Remove the engine cover 4 m10 bolts
2. Remove the bolt holding the air con pipe (lhs rear corner of the engine)
the pipe has flexible pipes either side so it can be moved out of the way
3. Remove the rubber intercooler pipe
2 spring clips which need to clamped together with pliers. Mine were fitted the
difficult to get at way of course but they will rotate if you push the right end of the clip.
4 You need to remove the 2 small pipes bolted to the back of the cam cover '
To get at these you need to disconnect all the electrical plugs on the harness clipped to the
pipe mountng bracket push the fixing clips out of the bracket and swing the harness
over to move it out of the way.
5 You can now get at the 3 m10 bolts holding the harness and pipe mounting bracket
with this moved out of the way its possible to gain access to the filter.
It will come out from the top quite easily
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