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as mentioned
before here are my first impressions of my new (11 plate) Carens 2 1.6D after
just over 500 miles. I previously owned a Carens 57 plate CRDi.


Pretty much
identical apart from the grill, my new car is black and the roof rails are
silver so this looks quite nice. No cross bars on the roof rails though. The
wheels are bigger on this model on the last and now look the right size for the


Not sure if
it because i got the black paintwork but the interior seats and much of the
trim are now black. This is far more practical than the light grey in my previous
car which marked very easily.

The load
area cover is now standard ( £250 extra before) and it now fits in the back of
the boot on the floor when not in use.

The storage
areas for the 3rd row seats and at either side of the boot have no lids (they
did on the previous model).


Pretty much
the same except that the key now folds, there are steering wheel audio controls
and there is "bluetooth functionality". The bluetooth appears limited
to accepting calls and redial only. Possibly I was spoilt by the Parrot I got
fitted to my last Carens, but this was not what I expected. Calls to 2 Kia
garages and Kia UK confirm that there is no way to extend the functionality without
a 3rd part product.

There is a
different radio (a Hyundai model) - this sounds very good but the buttons are
smaller than the last radio and some of the functions, especially mp3 cd
navigation, a bit cumbersome. There is an aux in and usb that (I think) allows
full ipod control from the steering wheel.


The ride is
firmer than the last car and you feel more bumps in the road and there is less
body roll. So it looks like the suspension may have been firmed up. The
steering and brakes feel identical but the car is a bit more sluggish ( less
powerful engine). The clutch is more sensitive and takes a bit of getting used

My first
tank of diesel gave 42 mpg, which is a big improvement on the 32-35 I was
getting on the last car. The car is used for a 12 mile commute all pretty much
built up so I tend to get low mpg figures.

Overall pretty pleased apart from the Bluetooth functions
and the jerky clutch. Hoping the clutch issue ""beds in""�.
Looking forward to an increased in mpg as the car loosens up.

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